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a hybrid between family office and venture capital fund.

We have not raised money from investors which allows us to answer only to our own convictions. We invest in long term prospects where we have a value added proposition other than monetary investment alone. This structure allows us to work with our companies day and night until they succeed. We use only our own funds which forces us to be thoughtful but also reflect on our value proposition. We are nimble and fast acting. A substantial investment can be made in a matter of days if it is the right fit. Our companies find our depth and breadth of knowledge and know-how to be extremely valuable as long-term partners who help them succeed and rise to the next level.

Managing Partners

Dr. Edward Lung

Dr. Edward Lung is an associate professor of medicine and gastroenterology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He specializes in advanced endoscopic techniques. Ed is the Director of Endoscopy at Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s.  He also serves as the Associate Program Director of the Gastroenterology Fellowship training program. Ed has very deep experience in various medical devices and has been the healthcare investment specialist for a large European family office for the past five years. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge regarding hospital systems, infrastructure, and technology.

Areas of Expertise: Medical Devices, Hospital Administration, Healthcare Delivery, Medical Technology

Isaac Oved

Isaac Oved is founder and CEO of the Oved Group. He specializes in branding, finance and consumer products. Isaac has successfully built an empire of dozens of brands and has leveraged his broad expertise to develop companies in which he invests. He has also developed a burgeoning real estate portfolio, specializing in developing and enhancing triple A commercial buildings.
Areas of Expertise: Consumer products, Branding, Finance

Dr. Joseph Oved

Dr. Joseph Oved is a practicing physician in pediatric hematology/oncology who has published several peer reviewed publications. He has been a member/partner in various angel investing and venture funds that concentrated on the heathcare fields and has been the president of Oved Group’s investment portfolio for the past 7 years. Joseph is board observer for BioTrace Medical.
Areas of Expertise: Drug development, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Dr. Paul Low

Dr. Paul Low is a retired physician who was the former head of a group practice and has been active in all aspects of healthcare including ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient radiation centers and has served on the board of a health insurance company.   He has been involved in multiple investments in the healthcare field including Vidara Therapeutics, Data Driven Delivery Systems and Advanced Biohealing.

Areas of Expertise: Healthcare Systems, Insurance, Healthcare/Medical Technology

Dr. Ronald Mizrahi

Dr. Ronald Mizrahi is a practicing orthodontist who built Mizrahi Orthodontics, a very successful private practice in New York. As president of his practice, Ronald has keen insight on the intricacies of healthcare delivery. He also holds a patent for distractor technology that he created. Dr. Mizrahi makes annual charity trips to Colombia to help repair cleft lips and palates. He lectures on Invisalign and Distraction Osteogenesis.
Areas of Expertise: Healthcare Systems, Medical Devices, Healthcare/Medical Technology   

John Costantino

John R. Costantino  is a Managing General Partner of NGN Capital LLC, a series of healthcare focused venture funds with offices in New York and Heidelberg, Germany. He is a lawyer and CPA. John was Managing Tax Partner in the New York office of Touché Ross & Co. and then President of Integrated Resources Acquisition Corporation. He was Chief Operating Officer of Conair Corporation, a large household and personal care company. He was a founding partner of a private equity fund, merchant banking group and co-founded several biotech and medical device companies.

Areas of Expertise: Healthcare Systems, Medical Devices, Healthcare/Medical Technology   

Our Portfolio of Companies

Owlet Care is aimed at making connected smart devices for infant vital sign monitoring. Several of our partners have invested in Owlet Care prior to the formation of New World Health and we have been very pleased to continue our partnership and invest funds, resources and connections through NWH.


EPICURED is a prepared meal delivery service that focuses on celebrity-chef inspired meals for people with gluten intolerance, FODMAP restrictions and other gastrointestinal related food requirements. They have started in NYC and continue to grow now with the backing of NWH, Mount Sinai and others. NWH was proud to participate in EPICURED’s seed round investment and continue to work with them on company development.

BioTrace Medical is a medical device company centered around optimizing temporary pacing wires. Their device, The Tempo Lead has won praise and accolades both nationally and internationally. Partners in NWH invested in BioTrace Medical throughout the company’s development and New World Health was proud to lead the Series B raise for BioTrace Medical. Adam Henick sits on the Board of Directors and Dr. Joseph Oved is a Board Observer.
Common Sensing created the Gocap, a smart cap for insulin pens. The Gocap automatically measures and creates an insulin logbook for more efficient measurement of insulin compliance and patterns of use. Partners from NWH participated in the seed and subsequent rounds and New World Health was excited to participate in the Series B round and add expertise in medical device, healthcare delivery systems and specialty pharmaceuticals. Dr. Edward Lung serves as board observer.
Surterra Wellness is a company that focuses on patient wellness through vertical integration of medical cannabis production and delivery to patients. The company cultivates, grows and dispenses its medical products to patients. They currently operate in Florida and are expanding to operate in Texas. New World Health participated in Surterra’s most recent bridge round to their Series C.
ColonaryConcepts and their subsidiary ColonarySolutions created the C-bar, a delicious patented formulation to help patients with constipation symptoms. Partners from NWH previously invested in ColonaryConcepts and New World Health invested in the seed and Series A rounds of ColonarySolutions.

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